Chook knows the rules of soccer, but he finds it scary, especially when Ashton Findus is running towards him. Can he find a way to be brave?

To be honest, this "About me" stuff seems a bit silly, so maybe I'll just give you the short version.

I grew up in places like Papua New Guinea and Fiji. I didn't watch TV very much, but I did read a lot of books. I think that was what made me want to tell stories. And that's what I do now – I tell stories. 

When I finished high school I went and trained to become a registered nurse, and for most of my nursing career I worked in paediatrics and adolescent health, with a bit of time spent working in emergency departments. I did that for almost twenty years, but the whole time I had another passion – telling stories.

My first book, Almost Wednesday, came out in 1996, and in the twenty years since I've published over thirty books. Some of those books have won awards, some have been published in different countries and different languages.

The places I've been to as a writer include the United States, China, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, and every state in Australia. How lucky am I?

I've worked with a couple of big arts organisations over the years, and I'm currently close to completing my Master of Creative Writing degree at the University of Sydney. In my spare time I play in a number of bands, just 'cos. 

I live in the Blue Mountains with my wife, and our two grown-up daughters have left home now. Plus I have a grandson. That's him on the left. Cute, huh? We think so.