I love being a writer, and I love talking about being a writer. Luckily, I also love travelling.

As a presenter, I see my role as having two parts - to
educate, and to demystify the author's role. If young
people know how writers work, they’ll feel more at
ease with their own writing, and their reading.

Some of the different presentations I offer include...
• author talks
• workshops 
• staff PD 
• awards and speech night addresses 
• mentorships 
• writers' camps 

You can find a more detailed list of past presentations by going HERE .

Whatever kind of presentation you require, you can be sure that it will always be carefully tailored to meet the needs of the audience, be they primary schoolers, HSC students or adults.

To discuss your particular needs simply get in touch with me via my CONTACT  page.



"...public speaking at its finest..."
Janet Aumann, Viewpoint Winter 1996

"James was excellent. He kept the kids focussed and interested with his anecdotes. His writing technique was simple for the kids to follow and emulate." Teacher, Aust. International School, Singapore

"The teachers were delighted and the students inspired." Barbara Philip, Librarian, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

"Funny, entertaining, inspirational. I was very impressed. He held the students' attention. A truly enjoyable experience." Camden Library Service

"The students thoroughly enjoyed the way James took them through his background, influences and on to his writing." Our Lady of Fatima P.S.

"A spectacular visit." Britt Brantley, QSI Shekou, China

"I highly recommend James for the upper primary and secondary levels." Yvonne Barrett, Librarian, AISS

"I learnt more abut creative writing in ninety minutes than I've learnt in ten years of school."

"He was so funny and interesting."

"Keep up the good work and put us on your list of characters (if you want)."

"He was entertaining and kept me and my friends laughing... The stories about his early life were hilarious and interesting."